About Strength By Victoria


"Wake up, Kick-Ass, Repeat."


Fitness turned into my drug of choice 2 years ago.

I was always looking for my niche, my passion, and a reason to kick some ass every day. "Normal women" get up and drink some coffee to get through their day. My caffeine is the gym. It gives me all the energy I need to get through the day.

One thing that I've learned during those two years; when you're exercising, feeling good, having a kick-ass outfit makes you feel even better! The confidence that comes from being dressed-to-kill gives me the strength to knock down my walls.

I want to help other women harness that inner strength, give them the confidence to reach heights they thought were unreachable. I have collected a wardrobe that does just that and now, I'm sharing it with other kick-ass ladies who are working their butts off every day at the gym!